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KARATE FOR WOMEN (19 years old & over)

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Although martial arts are not a traditional choice of activity for Canadian women, in our dojo, female students are welcome. Karate as a discipline provides the ideal combination of flexibility, strength training, core strength and stamina that is important for women to stay mentally and physically healthy.


In addition, karate provides students with body awareness and self-confidence that assist women to stay physically safe, and support their success in all aspects of their life. Because karate encourages mentorship and peer-to-peer learning, women feel comfortable and supported training at our dojo.




Cardio Workouts. Stretching. Self-Defense. Self-Esteem. Focus. Light Contact Sparring. Our female students range from some who have never been previously involved in any organized sport, to black belts with international fighting experience; and we have women of all ages, from teens to women over 50 years of age.


Our female students attend Adults Class at:

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Daihyo Masanaga Nakamura of the IKO Nakamura



 • Sep 19/ Fall Challenge Kumite Tournament

• Nov 10 / 2018 Vancouver Cup Kata Championships

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