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KARATE FOR TEENS (13-18 years old)

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Students in this age range may have gained some karate skills by attending the children's class, or they may be joining us without any prior karate experience. Whichever the case, it is important that the decision to join or continue training with our club is a personal one, made by the student. By making a personal commitment, students mentally prepare themselves to train and to work on acquiring a profound understanding of the spirit of karate. The teen program shifts away from the fun-based activities provided in the Children’s Class.


The discipline of karate is taught in a more traditional manner to transition the students into practising karate as a lifetime activity. In addition to developing self-discipline, karate provides an opportunity for interested teens to develop leadership skills that they will use throughout their lives.




Self-Defense. Concentration. Contact Sparring. Stretching. Self-Esteem. Respect. We focus on contact sparring which require more cardio workouts, realistic defense to an opponent, and technique control. (No Contact Sparring for those who choose to attend children's class.)


Our teens attend:

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Daihyo Masanaga Nakamura of the IKO Nakamura



 • Sep 19/ Fall Challenge Kumite Tournament

• Nov 10 / 2018 Vancouver Cup Kata Championships

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