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Although karate is a discipline where students benefit from group classes, we do offer private lessons to current students. This option is only available to students who attend our regular classes and want the instructor to thoroughly check their techniques with one-on-one instruction.


It is strongly recommended to take at least one private class at some point while a student holds a yellow belt. For students preparing to test for their Brown Belt (1st and 2nd Kyu), one private class with the head instructor of the dojo is mandatory prior to applying for belt testing.


Please use the form below to inquire about or reserve a private class.

To schedule an appointment or any questions, please send us a message. Osu!

I have been doing Kyokushin karate for 6 years. Recently I took some private sessions with Sensei Tats. It was a great opportunity to review all of the things we do in class: kihon, stances, and kata. The one-on-one sessions were very helpful to point out the subtle things in my techniques that were missing. Knowing what you don't know is very helpful!


After the sessions I have become far more aware of the importance of the combining movements (arms, hands, hips, and legs), and the connection to what we focus on in kihon and how it links to the katas. I could feel and see far more power and balance in my techniques, and what I need to work on to be stronger for my next level.


You will see a significant improvement with just one class. And more importantly, you will appreciate the depth of the karate we practice.


Greg Oyhenart

SVP Corporate Development and Chief Strategy Officer

A private class with Sensei Tats is a unique and valuable experience. He analyzed my techniques in detail and corrected many mistakes I have been making for the past four years. I feel as if I got a year's worth of training in just one hour.


It is easy to develop bad habits in group classes, but if you plan on achieving a black belt, you need to correct them early and prevent new ones from forming. One-on-one instruction from Sensei Tats will take your Karate to a higher level.


Justin Kamal

Film Director/Cinematographer

  • One-on-One Private Class



Tats Nakamura



Mark Berg



Full-time Instructor 

over 16 years


Two-time World Tournament Contender





Kihon and Kata



Tournament Fighting











• All private classes take place at Richmond East Dojo.

• A group private class up to two students can be held, to share the fee.

• Please send us the form above to book an appointment.


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