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KARATE FOR CHILDREN (Little Kids Class 5-6 years old)

  • Introduction

The “Little Kids” Class was first launched in 2013. This class uses play and team-oriented games to teach our youngest students basic karate and social skills. The physical benefits for children include increasing their flexibility, agility and muscle strength. The program is designed to begin modeling for young children the values of self-discipline and teamwork, and provides them with an opportunity to begin to acquire these skills.

  • Class Description

Kicking. Punching. Jumping. Running. Games. Stretching. Discipline. Concentration. Respect. We keep this class small (5-10 students) in order to pay more attention to each child.


Our children (5-6 years old) attend the Little Kids Class at:

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Daihyo Masanaga Nakamura of the IKO Nakamura



 • Sep 19/ Fall Challenge Kumite Tournament

• Nov 10 / 2018 Vancouver Cup Kata Championships

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