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KARATE FOR CHILDREN (6 years old and over)

  • Introduction

Our children's class has run continuously since the dojo opened in 1992. Our aim is to most effectively teach karate, which originated in Japan, to Canadian children.


The class has evolved over the period of twenty years. Fun is incorporated through activities such as races and games, while self-discipline is stressed as the students learn karate techniques. Because the attention span of children is short, this mix of activities keeps them engaged throughout the class.


Karate training provides children with physical, mental and emotional benefits. The etiquette involved in karate training gives children an opportunity to begin developing the attributes they will need to be good citizens in their communities.




Stretching. Games. Various Workout. Self-Defense. Self-Esteem. Unity. Discipline. Respect. A size of this class ranges from 10 to 25 students. Instructors who teach the Little Kid's, Children's and Teen's classes are well-trained through our instructor program, and all instructors are required to have criminal record checks.


Our children (6 years old and over) attend in Children's Class at:

  • Class Description

My children have enrolled many sport activities at a very young age. Until they were six and seven, I was searching for activities which offered continuation, good personal development, team training, fitness, organizational belonging; while allowing the kids to have fun during training, and be affordable for my family. We found Vancouver Seiyu Karate. Having training continuously for the past six years, this martial art has been one of the best investment to my children.


Never missing a class, karate is the activity they look forward to every week. With the combination of stretching, basic techniques, katas, movements and games, Sensei Tats creates a challenge leaning environment, yet full of laughter and the eager to train from the kids. Not just learning karate, my children also learn to develop their patience, coordination, confidence, self-esteem, and respect for others; these qualities are commented by school teachers and counsellors.


-Tuyen Nguyen

 Father of Jesse and Jeremy

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• Jul 3: Summer Class DT / Killarney / Richmond

• May 22: Children Belt Exam Results
• Apr 25: A New Dojo in Calgary!

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• Sat Jul 6: Kata officiating Seminar
• Sat Jul 27: Kata officiating Seminar

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