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KARATE FOR ADULTS (40 years old & over)

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Karate is a lifelong discipline. Whether you have participated as a child, teen or younger adult, or have never participated in a martial art previously in your life, there is a place for you in our dojo. Because our adult classes include all ages and all levels of expertise, beginners of all ages are welcome and made to feel comfortable.


As we age, it is important for us to stay involved in activities that stimulate our brain, and maintain or increase our physical strength, balance and stamina. Involvement in activities that promote brain and body health can help to prevent illness, and keep us healthy well into our senior years. Karate does all of this, and in addition, the discipline of karate provides a social network of fellow students and teachers who support and inspire us to continue to strive for personal excellence.




Stretching. Self-Defense. Self-Esteem. Cardio Workout. Traditional Techniques. Light sparring. Training in Seiyu Karate is physically demanding because of its strong emphasis on Kumite (Contact sparring). If you are over 40 and worried about your age and shape, you are not alone. We have quite a few students in the age range training at our dojo. Also, half the number of our instructors are over 40, so we know how you feel.


Our students 40 & over attend Adults Class at:

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I joined VSK when I was 50, and I have never considered myself athletic. Sensei Tats has high expectations, and he teaches with humour and respect. He can demonstrate what students are doing wrong, then show how to correct it. Being a student of karate has increased my strength, coordination and stamina. More than that, I have greater self-confidence to try new activities.

-Shannon Berg
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Daihyo Masanaga Nakamura of the IKO Nakamura



Apr 14: Teens/Adults Lower Belt Exams

• April 21: 2nd Kumite Officiating Seminar

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