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KARATE FOR ADULTS (19 yeas old & over)

  • Introduction


In this modern world, we do not often have to physically fight. However we face frequent mental and psychological battles. Managing stress and relieving pressure from our daily lives is important, and helps to prevent chronic physical and mental illness.


Karate is one of many activities that can help us achieve this goal. The techniques and exercises used in karate train every single part of our body from the tips of our fingers to the little toes. The breathing techniques involved in karate (including the kiai) enhance our heart and lung capacity, build core strength and stamina, and reduce our stress levels. Working out with bare-feet stimulates our brain by giving us the ability to directly feel the ground and impact from kicks. The self-discipline required for personal growth, as well the spirit of team work involved in supporting fellow students, builds our mental strength and provides the social support necessary for a healthy lifestyle.


  • Class Description


Cardio Workouts. Stretching. Self-Defense. Self-Esteem. Focus. Contact Sparring. People in general have two important elements in lives. They are family and work (or education). We are usually busy looking after these two. But if you feel something's missing and have a little space left to squish in a third element, taking karate could be the one for you.


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Daihyo Masanaga Nakamura of the IKO Nakamura



 • Sep 19/ Fall Challenge Kumite Tournament

• Nov 10 / 2018 Vancouver Cup Kata Championships

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