Vancouver Seiyu Karate

"Faithfulness and Courage"


Vancouver Seiyu Karate

Tel: 604.267.7359


Downtown Dojo:

  • Central Presbyterian Church
  • 761 Cardero Street, Vancouver BC


Killarney Dojo:

  • Killarney Community Centre
  • 6260 Killarney Street, Vancouver BC


Richmond East Dojo:

  • #163 12838 Clarke Place, Richmond BC


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Daihyo Masanaga Nakamura of the IKO Nakamura



• Mar 18 Donwtown Killarney Richmond Spring Schedule

• Jan 26 Instructors for Children's Class updated

• Dec 21 Donwtown Killarney Richmond 2018 Schedule

• Apr 1: Senior Belt Seminar and Meeting

• Apr 14: Teens/Adults Lower Belt Exams

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