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"Children are Our Future" by Won Ho Jung

Vancouver Cup 2014 Special Column ~ Karate for your child. Is it worth it?~

My father wanted me to learn a martial art, and I want the same for my own children. Martial arts training helps to shape a strong mind, teaches manners, and, of course, leads to lifelong physical conditioning. Because I have gained so much from Seiyu Karate over the last ten years, I enrolled my kids in Vancouver Seiyu's downtown dojo.


When Sensei Tats asked me if I was interested in taking the instructor's program, I was very excited because I could share my experience in Karate training and my knowledge of martial arts with children. I used to teach a martial art in Korea for 10 years, but most students were adults or teenagers. So, teaching young 5-6 year old children is a big challenge for me. I need to make it a fun experience by including play to keep the young kids focused on the training. It makes me happy to see the children learn etiquette and improve their karate skills. I also enjoy seeing them having fun as they participate in a physical game that I create for them.


Teaching the Kids' Class actually provides benefits to me in terms of my own personal growth in karate training. An instructor leads the class, which means that the instructor has to have the knowledge to answer their questions and the skill to demonstrate techniques. The instructor also must model proper etiquette and manners.


Since I started teaching the Kid's Class I actually spend more time practicing skills and studying about karate, in order to teach them correctly, and I concentrate more on modelling good behavior for the kids.


In conclusion, my personal goal is to set up more kid's classes in the downtown area at different times and places in order to give many more kids the opportunity to learn skills and good manners. "Children are our future" and teaching them karate can make them good leaders and role models among their friends.

Won Ho Jung

Vancouver Seiyu Karate

Children's Class Official Instructor





• Dec 16 VSK Dan Grading: Technical 3:00-5:00pm  Kumite 5:15-5:45pm


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