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"An Awsome Choice" by Keegan Wong

Vancouver Cup 2014 Special Column ~ Karate for your child. Is it worth it?~

Vancouver Seiyu Karate has been developing hundreds of children in the art of karate for over the past twenty years now, and continues to diligently provide crucial learning outcomes to students that are applicable to everyday life. We offer tri-semester based programs with classes each week to teach students the fundamentals of karate. With the continuous growth we have seen, an instructors program was developed to standardize our teachings and enhance the quality of our programs.


As a graduate from our Instructor Program along with Shella and Won Ho, I now help Sensei Tats (our Head Instructor) by instructing Killarney's white and orange belt classes. I first started practicing karate when I was 10 years old and my passion for the art will forever stay strong. I decided to be part of the instructor group mostly for the reason that I have been a student in our children's class before. I was interested in seeing how the children's class was doing since the last time I had been there.


By going back to my roots where my training first began, many memories have re-entered my mind. Every once in a while I will recall something from my past trainings, and incorporate that into my classes. I see a lot of myself in each student I teach as they begin their journey in karate, like I have in the past.


I have seen great improvement in the students I teach and a stronger love for the art each semester they attend. The classes are always team oriented, thereby developing student social and communication skills. We consistently promote our students to attend or participate in karate events to meet with other dojos and engage with the karate community. External events including local tournaments like the Canadian Championships and holding demonstrations at Science World gives enjoyable experiences to all participants.


Karate is definitely an awesome choice for your child. It is a great place for exercise, making friends, developing social skills, and most importantly having fun.

In current developments, we have two more participants taking the Instructors Program. They have been helping the club expand our children's programs and in the process, they are molding the future of karate-kas. My plan for the future so far is to continue teaching children's classes and coach our upcoming instructors as well.

Keegan Wong

Vancouver Seiyu Karate

Children's Class Official Instructor


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