Vancouver Seiyu Karate

"Faithfulness and Courage"


Established 1992

Vancouver Seiyu Karate (formally known as Vancouver Kyokushin Karate) was first established in June 1992 when the head instructor, Tats Nakamura, moved to Vancouver from his home country, Japan. Its first dojo was located at Vancouver College on 41st Avenue. The dojo started with three students.



During the first nine years after the opening, the size of the club stayed rather small. This is because Tats Nakamura was actively competing in many different tournaments and had to spend a lot of time for his own training. Teaching two classes a week was the best he could do for his own students at that time.



Tats Nakamura retired as a competitor after he fought in the 7th World Tournament. The club expanded to three locations: Downtown, Killarney and Richmond East. It also organized and ran a tournament in Vancouver for the first time. The event was titled "Vancouver Cup Karate Championships".



Curtis Mason obtained Black Belt in August.



Katrina Mitchell was appointed as a Head Instructor of the Vancouver West (College) Dojo. In 2003, the dojo was moved to a better location, Shaughnessy Heights United Church on 33rd Avenue.



Johnny Leblanc was selected to the Canadian National Team and competed in the 8th World Tournament, held in Tokyo, Japan. Mark Ray of the Killarney dojo obtained Black Belt in August.



Alexander Kleschelsky obtained Black Belt in August and opened his own dojo in south Vancouver. Vancouver Marpole Dojo was officially established in September.



Johnny Leblanc and Haoyin Zheng were selected to the National Team and competed in the 3rd World Weight Category Tournament.



Michi Nagase and Johnny Leblanc were selected to the National Team and competed in the 9th World Tournament. Anthony Evangelista obtained Black Belt in August and opened a new dojo in Kitsilano.



Johnny Leblanc moved to his hometown, Moncton, NB and has been operating four dojos at the local area. >>



10th Anniversary Vancouver Cup was held on December 6. Special guests included Shihan Stuart Corrigal and Shihan Andre Gilbert. The event was a great success. Curtis Mason and Alexander Kleschelsky successfully passed the Dan examination and were promoted to Ni Dan (2nd Degree Black Belt).



Head instructor, Tats Nakamura underwent Shodan Shinsa (Black Belt Testing) conducted by IKO Director, Kancho Shokei Matsui. The exam was successful and Tats was granted 4th degree black belt.



Michi Nagase, Kris Erickson, Pasha Mykhaylov and Mark Berg were selected to represent Canada and compete in the 10th World Tournament.



In order to meet the growing demand for children's classes, Instructor's Program for Children's Class was launched in April. Three senior members began taking the program to develop their teaching skills.



Jack Shiah and Mark Berg were selected to represent Canada in the 5th World Weight Category Tournament. Tomomi Inoue also fought in the Women's World Tournament. Curtis Mason and Michi Nagase were promoted to Sandan and Nidan respectively. Kris Erickson and Tomomi Inoue successfully passed Dan Grading and were promoted to Shodan (first degree black belt).



Mark Berg and Alex Kleschelsky successfully passed Dan Grading and were promoted to Shodan and Sandan respectively. On November 30, Vancouver Cup reached its 15th year and celebrated with a capacity audience.



Mark Berg and Pasha Mykhaylov were selected to represent Canada in the 11th World Tournament. Curtis Mason also competed in the world's masters category in Tokyo. Downtown Dojo was relocated to an office building on Cardero Street, from the Central Presbyterian Church due to a construction to rebuild a brand new church facility.



Jack Shiah and Tats Nakamura successfully passed Dan Grading and were promoted to Shodan and Godan respectively.



Tats Nakamura decided to establish a new karate style called "Seiyu Karate". The name of the club was changed from Vancouver Kyokushin Karate to "Vancouver Seiyu Karate".































• Jul 3: Summer Class DT / Killarney / Richmond

• May 22: Children Belt Exam Results
• Apr 25: A New Dojo in Calgary!

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